McMahan Named to Power 100 List

"The 100 standout Tennesseans on the following pages represent a snapshot of the power structure in the Volunteer State in 2009. Political churn in both Nashville and Washington, D.C., served as a key factor in much of the shake-up on this year's list; however, the majority of representatives“86%“return from last year. How BusinessTN arrives at these annual rankings is admittedly more art than science. Scores of sources across the state share their background opinions, which are mixed with our staff's own knowledge of the power structure across Tennessee.

"The result is a list of people who actively exercise their power. Power 100 occupants do not sit still. As a result, these are the people who bear uncommon responsibility for Tennessee's present fortunes, both good and bad. Who's new? Who's out? And why? Let the debate begin.

49. David McMahan

McMahan Winstead

The top lobbyist on Capitol Hill, a title he likely deserved even before the GOP's recent takeover of the state House (though he benefits greatly from the sea change). Key Democratic relationships (including that with House Speaker Pro Tempore Lois DeBerry) make him one of the few lobbyists who can effectively work both sides of the political aisle. McMahan's stewardship of PAC money is significant. The son of former U.S. Sen. Howard Baker's chief of staff, McMahan is remembered for successfully representing tobacco giant Philip Morris in a legislative fight against home state FedEx.

Why McMahan Winstead?

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